Nancy uses innovative & imaginative approaches


Hi, I’m Nancy, and I’m excited to tell you about my coaching practice because I believe with the right help, organizations, teams, and individuals can all meet their goals in ways that are true to who they are and in alignment with each other. Through my combined services, I can help get you there.

My Coaching Is Built On Decades

Of Listening, Customizing & Executing
Healthcare Expertise

I’ve worked in and around hospitals, health systems, and nursing homes to address the complex issues of end-of-life care, women’s health, the national nursing shortage, organizational change, and transforming moral distress into moral resilience.

Communications, Facilitation and 1:1 Coaching

My experience in strategic communications and facilitation elevates my ability to coach individuals, teams, and systems.


Sitting at the leadership tables of foundations, corporations, and not-for-profit organizations has given me an insider’s view and outsider’s objectivity of what’s essential for a healthy culture to take hold and how individual wellbeing plays a pivotal role.

Results Driven

Powerful questions, relevant data, individual and team assessments, message development, and program design help my clients build the path for aligned strategies, purposeful meetings, culture improvement, and individual growth.

Certifications, Training and Specialty Areas

To better educate our clients

DISC Assessment Certification

The Pivot

Study and Action Groups on Race Equity in America, Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership

Positive Intelligence Training Course

Resilience Lab

As Co-Founder and Principal, I’ve developed an expertise in resilience that is relevant for every person, team and/or organization.

Leadership Circle Profile

International Coaching Federation

International Coaching Federation

What my clients say