We value connection.

When ideas are connected, new circuits are created, sparks fly, energy flows. Brought together, connections will bind and become strong and vital. When people are connected, communication becomes easier, more effective. 

What this means for our clients:

We renew existing, valuable connections and uncover ones you never knew existed. With you, we weave a tapestry of connective tissue so your communications strategies and activities are stronger, more cohesive, and as a result, grab hold.

our values


Sojourn is grounded, healthy and strong, like tree roots running deep into fertile soil. We know what we stand for. We’re driven by our principles, and stick to them, even during tough times.


After years of experience working on issues that matter, we have a strong foundation to help you build the vital communications and team work you need to succeed. We are tenacious about giving you our very best work so that solutions take hold.

We are real.

We are genuine, caring, and comfortable – we’re not afraid to be who we are. We’d rather wear jeans, but we know when it’s time to put on a suit. We like to laugh and have fun, and we’re serious about doing our very best work.

What this means for you:

You get what you see; we mean what we say. We are down-to-earth, smart people with practical, compelling and effective solutions.