Each day, Nancy leads her team to fulfill Sojourn’s core objective of finding the heart of what matters.

A believer in well developed strategic planning and thorough, precise implementation, Nancy likes to tackle the tough issues that face Americans. 

Her experience has taken her on journeys into the worlds of nursing homes, hospital systems, end-of-life care, chronic illness, aging, women’s issues, mental health, organizational renewal, and family planning and reproductive health.

Her clients have included the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Johns Hopkins University, the National Pace Association, the National Family Planning and the Reproductive Health Association, National Family Caregivers Association, National Council on Aging, AARP, the Bell Multicultural School and Pro-Choice America.

Nancy Reller, President


“I spend a lot of time probing and stalking a problem. I think deeply about it. I get invested. Then, I become clear. I can feel it – it clicks and I know it’s the right direction. It’s such a gratifying feeling to know we’ve given our clients our best, our deepest consideration.”

While traditional communications counsel is Nancy forte, she is also a certified meeting facilitator; she knows first hand that strategic and authentic communications is at the core of a productive workforce. Nancy uses innovative and imaginative approaches to get to the heart of what matters to organizational boards, executive leaders and teams of dedicated people.

Nancy’s career started in Washington, D.C. when she served as a U.S. Senate staff member. Subsequent positions took her into the trenches of healthcare, serving as director of communications for Capitol Hill Hospital, a part of the then Medlantic Healthcare Group, then to Inova Health System, northern Virginia’s largest health system, where she directed all aspects of Inova’s internal and external communications.