Mark Bernheimer, Media Trainer

Founder and Principal, MediaWorks Resource Group

Mark spent 16 years as an award winning broadcast journalist, including five years as a national correspondent with CNN. He calls upon that rich media experience when preparing Sojourn clients to anticipate and address reporters’ questions and effectively manage their behavior.

Vicki Weisfeld, Strategist/Writer/Editor

Co-Principal at New Associates LLC

Vicki spent over 20 years managing the communications of a variety of programs at The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Over the past ten years, when she isn’t writing her own novels or reviewing films and books, she writes reports for high level agencies such as the Brookings Institution, the National Institutes of Health, and the Institute of Medicine. 


Mollie Katz , Communications and Media Relations Strategist

Mollie Katz, a multimedia communications strategist, has been synthesizing facts, statistics and anecdotes into public relations plans for more than 25 years.  Attuned to what motivates audiences, she crafts messages and develops news opportunities that have generated wide media coverage.


our team

The Sojourn team’s greatest strength is our ability to develop and implement innovative, practical facilitation and communications solutions to complex issues. Drawing upon a variety of experts, we customize our teams to meet the unique needs of each client. 


Lisa Poulter, RN, PMP, APMP, Federal Healthcare Consultant

Lisa has more than 25 years’ experience in federal government healthcare IT program and account management, healthcare delivery, and healthcare communications.  She uses these experiences to provide new business support, proposal/capture management, and general management consulting expertise to a variety of government contracting clients.

 Greg Gersch, Graphic Recorder

Clarity about a problem or solution often comes in an “aha moment.” Turning those moments into tangible outcomes is often a challenge. As a skilled artist, Greg transforms Sojourn’s facilitated meetings into beautifully drawn words and images illuminating the essence of what matters long beyond the meeting itself.

Mary Jane Gallagher, Public Policy Consultant

Mary Jane’s forte is developing solutions for complex public policy challenges, designing effective public education efforts, and selecting the right variety of media and partnerships to reach and motivate diverse audiences. Her policy expertise is born out of hands-on experience as COO and CEO of several national advocacy organizations.