A truth:
Successful communications programs impact the way people think and behave. Another truth: A carefully planned and executed set of communications activities will open minds.

What matters:
The way Sojourn Communications approaches communications challenges. We dig deep, we get involved and we make a difference.

Here’s a sliver of what matters in our approach: 

First, by drawing upon a stable of experts, we customize our approach to meet the unique needs of each client. We clearly define a project’s objectives by working in strategic planning sessions – often using our facilitation expertise – where we ask the tough questions to get to the heart of what matters.  We look at your issue from new and different perspectives, often enlisting careful, disciplined research – qualitative and quantitative – to find meaningful connections.


our approach

Strategic Planning

Communications plan development

Message development

Building strategic alliances
and cultivating partnerships

Communications training

Educational outreach

Meeting facilitation

Based on careful strategic planning and research, we craft dynamic, targeted and practical communications plans.  We help you implement your communications plan through strategies and tactics using proven communications vehicles, such as social and broadcast media, while cultivating strategic alliances through partnership building. When it’s called for, we facilitate staff retreats, strategy sessions, and media and speakers trainings so your mission stays in sharp focus. 

When you want to be heard, we create strong and meaningful messages, constantly finding new pathways for your voice. And when you’re ready, we’ll engage social media to take your message to the masses. In our educational outreach initiatives, we work hard to find the best partners for your unique project; our experience tells us that mutually beneficial relationships are the most valuable.   While looking ahead, we always look back to evaluate the work that’s either in progress or completed.